Zogby: Trump Approval 48 Percent, Millennials Grow

Zogby: Trump Approval 48 Percent, Millennials Grow


A new nationwide Zogby poll of likely voters showed President Donald Trump’s job approval standing at 48 percent, with his popularity growing among millennials, where he registered an approval of 50 percent, as opposed to voters age 65 and up, where he came in at 44 percent.

The president’s job approval was strongest in the east and south regions of the country, each at 52 percent approval. Men were more likely to approve of his job at 56 percent than women, where he scored 41 percent, although Trump’s numbers among women were up from the month before.

When it came to race, Trump registered highest among white voters at 56 percent, while Hispanic voters gave him 39 percent and African American voters gave him 16 percent.

Republicans were more likely to approve of Trump’s job at 87 percent, while his numbers climbed with Independents at 41 percent and Democrats, 20 percent.

Trump’s approval rating matches that of former President Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency, Zogby noted.

Another Zogby poll showed that a majority of voters, 56 percent, want to support their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms when they hear Hollywood celebrities speak out against gun control. The strongest support was among millennials age 18-29, who registered 65 percent.

Support for the right to bear arms was strong among Hispanics at 54 percent, with African Americans at 46 percent support. White voters registered highest with 59 percent support.

Along party lines, Republicans scored highest with 86 percent in support, but Democrats and Independents both came in with 47 percent support.

According to the pollster, the numbers showed that as the fall midterm elections draw near, the gun debate “could be a tricky strategy for Democrats looking to take back power in both houses of Congress.”

The polls were conducted at the end of February and had a margin of error of ± 3.3 percent.

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