Will Trump Gut Obamacare After Hearing This?

Will Trump Gut Obamacare After Hearing This?

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Affordable Care Act was devastating for our country.

Obamacare nationalized or socialized 1/6 of the economy, while putting massive amounts of regulations on small businesses. These businesses were immediately required to be compliant with hundreds of new regulations, provide documentation of being compliant, and spending more on healthcare for each individual employee.

Many couldn’t handle the new burden created by the paperwork and had to shut down. Other companies became less profitable which lead to layoffs. Some companies tried in earnest to comply but,because of the multitude of regulations put into motion by the Obamacare package, would inevitably miss things and were fined thousands of dollars for their non-compliance.

Donald Trump, during his campaign, told the country he would dismantle Obamacare when he became President. For many millions of Americans, this was the right thing to do to correct a policy that seemed wrong from the beginning. Obamacare caused many to become up-in-arms over it for what it represented- socialism. Forcing people to accept a health care program they did not choose was an assault on American liberties, imposed by the government. Millions believed the government had no business telling them how to best care for their health, choose their doctor, or how they will structure their businesses to support employees.

So now America is once again dealing with the conversation of healthcare. And this time, the nation is looking to see what will happen with the repeal. One study said millions who became covered under Obamacare would lose their coverage in the future:

The study notes that the vast majority of these 52 million people have coverage through their employers or government programs such as Medicaid, but if they ever lost that coverage and tried to apply on their own in the individual market, they could be denied a new plan.
Insurance companies had long lists of conditions that meant people could be denied coverage before ObamaCare. The conditions ranged from diabetes to sleep apnea to pregnancy.

Trump and Republicans Careful with Obamacare Repeal

Republicans who want to repeal Obamacare want to be sensitive to those who might go off coverage in relation with the overwhelming costs on the American public. So far, Obamacare has proved to be a failure, with limited sign ups, insurance companies opting out of participation, and the nation’s inability to sustain it in the form it was implemented. Higher regulations, higher taxes, and more man hours devoted to ensuring compliance were all a recipe for failure.

When Donald Trump steps into office, the ACA will be one of the largest issues on his plate. He has chosen several leaders for his cabinet who are well-versed in small business growth; it won’t be any stretch of the imagination to think he will rely on them (plus his own intelligence) to make a final decision regarding scrapping all of the ACA or keeping certain parts of it.

For our country’s healthcare to improve, get government out of the way as much as possible. Allow for more interstate competition between insurance companies. Let the free market work. Give power back to the states for regulation. These are the things that will ultimately make do more good than the ACA did.

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