Va Rep: Vilifying ‘Boogeyman’ NRA Won’t Make Us Safer

Va Rep: Vilifying ‘Boogeyman’ NRA Won’t Make Us Safer

Making the National Rifle Association the boogeyman of the argument over gun control does not help get anyone closer to finding solutions, Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., told CNN’s “New Day” on Monday.

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Taylor, who has an “A” rating from the organization, said he is not a member of the NRA, but many of his constituents are.

“I’m not concerned about the organization itself,” he said. “I’m concerned about preventing death. I’m concerned about dealing with the issues that we can control. Not a boogeyman. Because the NRA is the boogeyman right now.”

Taylor agreed Congress should do something in the aftermath of numerous mass shootings and said he thinks “there’s an equality of desire in the United States both from the left and the right to be able to prevent these things from happening. I think you can do things. I think there will be action that’s done.”

However, he insisted “I’m interested in things that actually have the ability to prevent some of these things and some of the things that we can control like school safety and school security.”

Taylor agreed there are people that should not get guns and are currently legally able to do so, and that warning signs have been missed about the perpetrator in the latest mass shooting at the Florida high school.

But he warned about knee-jerk reactions.

Taylor, who said he is a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights, said Congress needs to figure out “What can we do to be able to thread a needle between civil liberties and make sure those folks don’t have guns.”

The congressman, however, said he is “not supportive of universal background checks.”

Despite repeated attempts to get him to explain what the problem was in covering all sales with background checks, Taylor continuously dodged the question and refused to give his reasons, other than saying he does not believe in the policy.

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