UK’s Nigel Farage: EU Guilty of ‘Gross Hypocrisy’ on Tariffs

UK’s Nigel Farage: EU Guilty of ‘Gross Hypocrisy’ on Tariffs

British politician and political analyst Nigel Farage on Sunday lauded President Donald Trump for imposing steel and aluminum tariffs, accusing critics in the European Union for “absolute gross hypocrisy.”

In an interview on Fox & Friends Sunday, the former leader of the U.K. Independent Party, Brexit supporter and early Trump booster said the EU has already imposed those and other tariffs on U.S. products.

“Thank goodness, a world leader is calling out the European Union,” Farage said. “When Trump announced 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum as tariffs, the European Union were the loudest critics in the world, saying how dreadful it was — without telling anybody they already put tariffs on aluminum and on steel and on virtually every American product that comes into Europe.”

“So they’re guilty, the European Union, of absolute gross hypocrisy,” he said. “Once again, President Trump is doing what he told the American people what he would do during the election campaign. That’s called democracy. “

Farage said people in the U.K. “are absolutely crying out for … firm, strong leadership.”

“I think people in my country, across Europe, are getting used to Donald Trump and they realize this is a guy of substance,” he said.

And he scoffed at media and political critics of the president.

“I’m old enough to remember Ronald Reagan and all those same newspapers, all the same media outlets saying Reagan was an idiot, he wasn’t fit to be U.S. president,” Farage said. “And then the summit he had with Soviet Russia … America winning the Cold War, the Berlin Wall coming down, tens of millions of people living in freedom, liberty and democracy — and still the media organizations would never credit Ronald Reagan with anything.

“I think right now if Donald Trump invented a cure for the common cold, they would still find a reason to criticize him.”

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