Trump Mocks Biden as ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ for WH ‘Cocaine’

Saying President Joe Biden seeks to weaponize justice against his political rival, former President Donald Trump reminded Michigan voters Saturday night there was one president who had “cocaine in the White House” and has gotten enriched by tens of millions by being in politics.

“He finishes a speech; it takes about 2.5 minutes, because that’s when his energy runs out,” Trump told his Waterford Township, Michigan, rally, which aired live and in its entirety on Newsmax and the Newsmax2 streaming platform. “You know, he’s got a lot of energy.

“What happened to that cocaine in the White House? Whatever happened. Got a lot of energy, this guy.”

Trump blasted Biden as a “Manchurian candidate,” calling him compromised by the millions he has raked in from places like China, which he said is benefiting from Biden’s “Green New Scam” electric vehicle push.

“You know, I never spoke about him until they indicted me; and once they indicted me, I can now just speak the way I want to speak,” Trump said. “He’s a corrupt person. He’s a horrible president. The worst we’ve ever had. The happiest man in our country today is a man named Jimmy Carter, because he is considered a brilliant president by comparison.”

Trump also referenced former President Harry Truman in his speech.

“Crooked Joe is not working for you; he is working for himself, because he gets a piece,” Trump said, pointing to the alleged foreign influence peddling exposed by House Oversight and Judiciary committee investigations seeking to impeach Biden.

“You know, he gets a nice chunk out of everything. As President Harry Truman said: ‘Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician and I will show you a crook.'”

While Trump said being president has cut his family’s wealth in half, the Biden family has gotten to be multimillionaires peddling their influence around the world on the backs of American voters duped by them, according to Trump.

“Joe Biden spent his entire career hurting your family while his family raked in millions and millions of dollars, and he was making bad deals for our country,” Trump said. “He was the guy has a lot of houses all over the place. I mean, the guy, they start off with nothing — then there were millions and millions of dollars.

“The most they ever made was $179,000, and yet they have houses that are worth millions and millions.”

Michigan voters can deliver the White House back to Trump and his supporters, he vowed, saying Michiganders “were better off” under a Trump administration.

“Under the Trump administration, you were better off; your family was better off; your neighbors were better off; your communities were better off; and our country was a lot better off,” Trump said. “America was stronger, richer, safer, and more confident than ever when you had me sitting behind that beautiful Resolute Desk.”

In a lighter moment during the speech, Trump took a “free poll” of his rallygoers, joking he would not have to cut a check for millions to a pollster to find out if his backers prefer the mocking name “Sleepy Joe” or “Crooked Joe.”

The latter won in a landslide.

That is something Trump said he will do in the Michigan primary against “Birdbrain” Nikki Haley, which had its early voting open Saturday.

Trump said that despite the political persecution and the weaponization of justice against him, the “love” on the campaign trail keeps him going.

“It doesn’t bother me, you know, when you see the love in this room and when you see the polls,” Trump said. “I mean, maybe I’d feel differently if I was losing by a lot or a little.

“But, you know, we’re leading Biden by so much. We’re beating them by so much. We have a competitor, a Birdbrain who is getting decimated by him.

“But we’re leading him by so much, And that means there’s love. That means what we’re doing is just sort of, I just feel very good about it.”


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