Should Trump Do THIS to Make America Safe?

Should Trump Do THIS to Make America Safe?

merkel, germany, angelaHas Germany surpassed America in its response to Muslim culture?

While Donald Trump campaigned for months on closing our borders to immigrating Muslims and took a strong stance against radical Islam in the form of ISIS, he has not set foot where Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, just tread.

Merkel, who is running for re-election for a fourth term, has been recently tangled in a net she cast starting in 2015.

In essence, she opened Germany’s border to any immigrant who would come, and close to a million took her up on that offer.

What followed in the next 12 months was an increase in sexual assault, petty theft, violent crime, and an overburdened welfare state.

Realizing her mistake, she did an about face and closed the borders, and is trying to return Germany’s culture to its people after a year of terror experienced at the hands of violent Muslims.

In a recent speech, Merkel doubled down.

“German law takes precedence over sharia,” Mrs Merkel said during a speech at her party’s annual two-day congress in the western city of Essen.

“The full face veil should be banned, wherever legally possible,” she added, to prolonged applause.

This is a bold move, an unprecedented move among Western-leaning countries.

Donald Trump’s promises were just overshadowed, big time by Merkel’s pronouncement.

You see, Trump has been banging the warning drum, telling Americans we have a security problem interlinked with Islam.

On the flip side:

  • Barack Obama has refused to call Islam what it is and actually went on an apology tour to Muslim countries early in his Presidency.
  • Hillary Clinton would not acknowledge it either. In fact, one of her top aides, Huma Abiden, has close ties to The Muslim Brotherhood, even if the media won’t report on it.
  • We have been attacked on US soil more than two dozen times since Obama was in office, and in nearly every instance, the president refused to condemn radical Islam.

Donald Trump recognizes this and has promised to take steps towards curbing radical Islam’s assault on the US.  But he has yet to say “No Berkas”.

Liberals would try and crucify him if he did. They’d scream “That violates the First Amendment!”

But here’s the kicker. The 1st Amendment gives everyone the right to practice their religion as long as it is subject to the Constitution, which is the ultimate authority of America.

Shariah Law & Religion, which is what many radical Muslims adhere to, aims to conquer other countries, not just blend and bring customs.

When Merkel says Germany laws trumps sharia law, she’s drawing a line in the sand:

‘You can come, but you have to become German. We’re not becoming Muslim.’

In another speech she did in August of this year, she let her personal feelings be known.

In my view, a fully veiled woman has almost no chance of integrating successfully in German society,”

So the line is drawn in the sand and Germany has closed its doors to refugees. The big difference is Merkel is already in power. Donald Trump has not yet taken the reigns.

But with his awareness of radical Islam and what they’re doing to America, be on the lookout for Trump taking a page from Merkel’s playbook.

Do you think banning a head scarf in the US would be a step too far? Or do you think Trump should follow Merkel’s lead?

Let us know in the comments below.

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