Trump Hits Biden for ‘Dangerous, Deluded’ Israel Speech

Former President Donald Trump assailed the primetime address delivered by President Joe Biden late last week, calling his speech on Israel “one of the most dangerous and deluded speeches ever from the Oval Office.”

Trump made the comments Monday from Concord, New Hampshire, where he signed up for the state’s presidential primary in person.

Trump seemed to take issue with the fact that Biden announced $60 billion for Ukraine in his urgent funding request to Congress. Meanwhile, Biden’s proposal included $14 billion for Israel, by comparison, and $10 billion for humanitarian purposes in war-torn Gaza. Biden bundled the aid request in the hopes that it would grease the skids for congressional approval; more funding for Ukraine is being met with increasing resistance by congressional Republicans.

“Four days ago, crooked Joe Biden gave one of the most dangerous and deluded speeches ever delivered from the Oval Office. It was a disaster,” Trump said. “Not only presentation, which wasn’t too good, it’s the words that were really bad.

“Less than one week after innocent men, women, children and babies were kidnapped, raped, tortured, slaughtered in the worst terror attack in Israeli history, was the worst in the history actually. Babies, I guess they said 42 babies with their heads chopped off. Think of that one. No one wanted to talk about it,” Trump said.

“Crooked Joe went before the American people and said that if you want to support Israel, then you have to give a blank check for the proxy war also in Ukraine, having to do with Russia and Ukraine, which is another one, by the way, would have never, it would have never happened, if we were president. … You wouldn’t have that. You wouldn’t have inflation. You wouldn’t have had the attack on Israel. You wouldn’t have had a lot of that,” he said.

More than 1,400 were killed in Israel — mostly civilians — in the Oct. 7 incursion into Israel by Hamas terrorists.

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