Trump: Dems Destroying the ‘American Dream’

Trump: Dems Destroying the ‘American Dream’


President Donald Trump told Republicans on Tuesday that voting for House Democrats in this year’s November elections is like endorsing “the destruction of the American dream.”

“A vote for a House Democrat is a vote for higher taxes, open borders — and the destruction of American jobs and American wealth,” Trump told a dinner of the National Republican Congressional Committee at the National Museum Building in Washington.

“It’s also the destruction of the American dream.

“They’re destroying that beautiful dream — but to win, we have to outwork the opposition,” Trump said.

President Trump said the committee raised a record $32 million from the dinner, which will be used to support the party candidates in year’s House races.

“We are going to win in 2020,” Trump said, “but we have to worry about 2018 before we worry about 2020.”

He attributed general Republican midterm losses over the years to complacency and said party members must work harder to keep the House majority.

“We cannot be complacent,” the president said. “We have so much to gain — and this country has so much to lose.

“There’s nothing like winning. We have to win.

“In the last election,” Trump said, “we defined every expectation and totally proved the pundits wrong.

“We’re going to defy the predictions once again. We will keep the House majority — and we will keep fighting for the changes they’ve made and the people want and deserve.

“This election is not merely about which party is in charge of Congress,” the president said. “It’s about whether the American people will be in charge of their government.

“The choice cannot be any clearer,” he added. “It’s never been this clear.”

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