Trump Coins New Term: ‘Bigrant Crime’ for Migrant Crime Under Biden

Michigan workers need to fear more than losing their jobs to President Joe Biden’s massive waves of migrants; they need to fear the dangers of an unsafe community, too, former President Donald Trump warned Saturday night.

“We have a new category of crime in our country: It’s called migrant crime, and it’s taking over America,” Trump told his Waterford Township, Michigan, rally Saturday night, which aired live and in its entirety on Newsmax and the Newsmax2 streaming platform.

“I call it a new category. I just came up with that name, but I think it’s appropriate. It’s a new category of crime where they go and they beat up police officers. You’ve seen that.”

Trump was referring to the sanctuary city of New York City, where NYPD officers were attacked by illegal migrants that were initially allowed to run free.

The migrants are bring crime and gang warfare to levels never seen before, Trump warned, coining the new term “Bigrant crime” for migrant crime under Biden’s open-border-permitted invasion.

“They go and they stab people, hurt people, shoot people,” Trump continued. “It’s a whole new form, and they have gangs now that are making our gangs look like small potatoes, OK.

“Because Joe Biden allowed this to happen, we will call it from now on Biden crime, OK? It’s Bigrant. Let’s call it Bigrant.

“Oh, that’s good. That’s smart.”

But it is also terrorizing America’s Democrat-run cities, most of which are regretting being sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, Trump continued.

“But you do you have a category of crime that we’ve never had,” he said. “We’ve never had anything like this before. They’re taking over the inner cities of our country by the thousands and thousands. They’re coming into cities that can’t handle it.”

Trump also warned “Michigan, you’re getting screwed” by Bidenomics and illegal immigration, because they are coming for your jobs.

“Union wages will be cut in half or more,” he said. “These are the people that Biden’s allowing to come in, whether they have the talent or they don’t have the talent. They’re not going to have the talent of the people right now, but they’re going to work for one-third the price.”

Trump blasted United Auto Workers Union chief Shawn Fain for endorsing Biden, even though the workers he represents back Trump — as many in attendance cheered on the former president Saturday night.

“They are going have a lot of unhappy union workers, that I can tell you,” Trump said. “That includes the United Auto Workers, and the Teamsters, Black, and Hispanic workers — where basically anybody who has a high-paying, good job will be losing their jobs by the millions.

“These people are going to work for nothing. They’re going to work for very small amounts of money. You’re going to lose your jobs. It’s so sad. It’s so sad to see.

“It’s common sense. You have 18 million people by the end of his term coming in and they are going to be working. They are going to be taking the jobs of people that have lived here for a whole life, pay a lot of tax. They work hard, big talent. Biden is already giving work permits to 2.5 million illegal aliens.”


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