Trump Clinton Iowa Rally Vows ‘Single Biggest Political Event in History’

Former President Donald Trump Saturday declared that Iowa caucusgoers will help deliver the “biggest single political event in the history of our country” in a statewide landslide win for him in the Jan. 15 GOP caucuses, but that will mean people will have to get out and participate. 

“I’m going to be learning how to caucus too because I’m going to be up here with you,” Trump said in Clinton, Iowa, in a rally that aired live and in its entirety on Newsmax. “I’ll be here. Not taking any chances. And they’re going to teach me all about caucusing because I didn’t do this one before.”

He added that there has never been a president who won in Iowa, Ohio, and Florida who lost the election “except for me.”

“It was a rigged election,” Trump said of his 2020 battle against now-President Joe Biden. “We won in a landslide, each one of them. We want you in a landslide. We want them all in a landslide.”

But that means Iowans will have to “get out and vote,” said Trump.

“Don’t listen to the polls,” he said. “Iowa voters will deliver … By delivering a massive victory in Iowa, you will send a thundering message straight to crooked Joe Biden and the fake news … We waited and waited.

“You will declare that we’re going to take back our country. We’re going to defeat Joe Biden, and we’re going to make America great again. And it all starts here in Iowa at 7 p.m. on Martin Luther King Day. So don’t stay home … You know the polls are showing we’re going to win by a lot, and the worst thing you can do is say, ‘Oh, let’s just stay home, Alice. Let’s watch it on television.'”

But voters have to get out because “we’ve got to send a message,” said Trump. “We can’t be beaten; because if we are beaten, we’re not going to have a country left anymore. They’re destroying this country. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it — grossly incompetent and also totally corrupt. And what they’re doing with elections, with the interference, is incredible.”


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