Trump Calls John Dean ‘Sleazebag Attorney,’ Tells Dems to Get Back to Work

Trump Calls John Dean ‘Sleazebag Attorney,’ Tells Dems to Get Back to Work


President Donald Trump on Sunday ripped former White House counsel John Dean as a “sleazebag attorney” and told Democrats to go back to work.

“For two years all the Democrats talked about was the Mueller Report, because they knew that it was loaded up with 13 Angry Democrat Trump Haters, later increased to 18,” Trump tweeted ahead of Dean’s planned testimony before Congress.

“But despite the bias, when the Report came out, the findings were No Collusion and facts that led to No Obstruction,” the president added. “The Dems were devastated – after all this time and money spent ($40,000,000), the Mueller Report was a disaster for them. But they want a Redo, or Do Over. They are even bringing in @CNN sleazebag attorney John Dean. Sorry, no Do Overs – Go back to work!”

Dean, a CNN contributor, was a lawyer for President Richard Nixon and became a key witness during the Watergate hearings. He assisted with the Watergate coverup but pleaded guilty to obstruction before becoming a key prosecution witness.

He will go before the House Judiciary Committee to provide historical context on obstruction of justice as many Democrats are looking for guidance to their sweeping investigation into Trump and his conduct.

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