Trump: Border Wall Needed to Stop MS-13 Killers

Trump: Border Wall Needed to Stop MS-13 Killers


President Donald Trump made another pitch for his border wall on Friday, saying it is needed to help stop violent MS-13 gang members from sneaking into the United States from Mexico.

Trump noted thousands of the gang members are being removed from the U.S. by federal agents, only to return from their homes in El Salvador through Mexico.

Trump’s comments came in an early morning tweet.

The president has declared war on the gang, which has been tied to crimes in 22 states.

There are 500 cases across the nation of the gang members being charged in major crimes, including 207 murders.

The Senate blocked a bipartisan proposal last week that would have allowed people protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program an opportunity for citizenship, while allowing $25 billion toward a border wall.

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