TIPP Editorial: Biden’s Lawfare Targets Trump, Could Backfire

The Biden administration and other Democrats could be “miscalculating big time” in their pursuit of indicting and convicting former President Donald Trump, according to the TIPP Insight editorial board.

In a Sunday opinion column, the TIPP Insight editorial board cited eminent thinker Wallace F. Campbell, who in The North American Review in 1887 introduced the term “court of public opinion.”

“Attorney General Merrick Garland and his aggressive prosecutor [special counsel] Jack Smith are expending all federal resources to build a case that, under the right circumstances of a biased jury and a sympathetic bench, could result in a judgment that might appear infallible, as Campbell said,” the TIPP Insight board wrote.

“But the eminent thinker warns that such an outcome would be hard for voters to embrace.”

Smith was appointed by Garland last November to take over two Justice Department investigations involving Trump. One case involves handling of classified documents after leaving the White House, and the other concerns efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

While many Democrats salivate at the possibility of running against a “criminal,” TIPP Insight says progressives “could be miscalculating big time.”

“What we have seen over the years is that every time the Deep State tries to hurt President Trump, his poll numbers rise, and he is able to fund-raise even more than before,” the TIPP Insight editorial board wrote.

“It is an inexplicable reaction that frustrates Democrats, who fail to understand that most Americans are honest, ethical, and busy individuals, committed to caring for their families, attending church, and being active in the community.”

The TIPP Insight editorial board said most voters do not believe Trump “committed felony violations by participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.”

“Voters may not remember their civics classes, but they know that Trump has always cared about America’s standing in the world. From the moment he descended the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015, Trump’s brand is that he wants America to win,” the opinion column said.

The TIPP Insight board warns that President Joe Biden “is wandering into uncharted territory.”

“The Constitution does not forbid Trump from running for president even if he is guilty or thrown in prison,” the TIPP Insight board wrote.

“President Biden, whose approval ratings are consistently hovering in the 40s, has a tough race against another human being. He has a formidable challenge against a martyr — so formidable that his over-zealousness in bringing Trump to justice could make Biden a disastrous one-term president.”

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