The Top Five Conservative TV Channels

The Top Five Conservative TV Channels

For those who are conservative thinking, trying to find conservative tv channels from which to gather our news for the day is becoming more and more difficult.  With the recent events in the nation, and across the globe, it seems that liberalism and their beliefs are beginning to take a front seat in all any news presented.

Contrary to what most may believe, there are news channels out there that still present with the conservative point of view on topics and events of the day.  We are going to take a look at the top five, and most viewed, of those channels.

Fox News

Fox News, more commonly referred to as FOX, is owned by the Fox Corporation.  The channel serves an estimated 86 countries worldwide.  Launching on October 7, 1996, the channel was created, by Rupert Murdoch, with the intent to appeal to a conservative based audience.  Liberal biased media continues to claim that FOX chooses the practice of biased reporting that looks favorably on the republican party, such as our current President Trump’s administration, while also putting a negative light on the democratic party.

Newsmax TV

Newsmax is a channel that offers more than just the news, as it presents a news/talk format during the day and night, then on the weekends provides documentaries and films as well.  In general, Newsmax TV’s perceived as holding a conservative point of view.  As such, the station tends to offer many programs that are hosted by those personalities in conservative media.

One America News Network

Also, known as One America News, this cable channel presents with a far-right philosophy.  Its political talk shows generally offer a pro-Donald Trump leaning, as well as a strong conservative perspective.  The channel was once self-described as being one of Trump’s greatest supporters.  The channel has more than once accused of promoting both conspiracy theories and falsehoods by those liberals on the left.

Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Having faced scrutiny from media critics, and some employees, Sinclair was accused of giving their multi-station reporting and programming decisions a decided conservative slant.  The company’s grown at a rapid pace, attributed to the stations airing of various content that supports a conservative point of view.  Recent allegations claim that Sinclair Group has practiced in the currying of favor with Trump in an attempt to work around regulations based on the concentration of media ownership.

The Blaze

This tv channel, much like Fox News, is as conservative as it gets.  TheBlaze was initially a pay for view television network spun off from talk show host Glenn Beck’s daily radio show.  Then, in 2018, TheBlaze merged with CRTV, which operated an online subscription service known as Conservative Review.  When Beck launched TheBlaze in 2010, he self-described the channel as an alternative from what he termed “mainstream media outlets.”  He felt that those very same outlets were continually distorting the news and facts in an attempt to fit preset rigid agendas.  Since the merger in 2018, Beck has remained with the channel, and the channel still operates under the moniker of The Blaze.  It is also worth noting that it is still a subscription, pay to view service.

If you find it difficult to find conservative tv channels to acquire the news and events of the day, rest assured they are out there.  Not in as many numbers as the liberal slanting tv channels, but if one takes the time to look, they will find them

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