Texas State Rep. to Newsmax: Bill ‘Encourages’ Illegal Migration

Texas Republican State Rep. David Spiller told Newsmax Monday that the border bill H.R.815 unveiled by the Senate Sunday night would actually encourage illegal immigration into the United States, not stop it.

Speaking with “American Agenda” Monday evening, Spiller says the 370-page $118 billion Senate border bill, or in other words, the Biden supplemental spending request, does “exactly the opposite of what it should be doing.”

“As I’ve looked at it … it just incentivizes illegal immigration. It doesn’t stop it. It doesn’t slow it down. It encourages it.”

Adding on, Spiller says, “I can’t imagine why the Senate would vote to approve it? Why the House would vote to approve it? I can understand why Biden would approve it because Biden is the cartel’s best friend. He’s doing everything that they want him to do.”

One of the hallmarks of contention in the bill would be allowing 5,000 illegal immigrants to pass into the United States each day before “nearly” shutting down the border. The operative term, some suspect, would be used by Democrats or, as Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee terms it — the “firm,” a coalition of neocons and uni-party elite — to trade on the verbiage’s ambiguity to usher in a clandestine agenda. Many critics of the bill believe that allowing illegal migrants to enter into blue cities en masse would be used to sway the political balance in the House of Representatives.

On Monday, Lee posted to X that “This bill unites Senate Democrats and sharply divides Senate Republicans.”


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Nick Koutsobinas

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