Texas Sends More Migrants to NYC Amid ‘Capacity’ Claim

Texas is dispatching additional groups of migrants to New York City amid a surge of asylum seekers crossing the southern border even as NY Gov. Hochul contends that the state has exceeded its “capacity,” The Hill reports.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday chartered buses from Del Rio and Eagle Pass to New York City, according to the New York Post.

For several months, Abbott has consistently redirected migrants towards sanctuary cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This maneuver serves a dual purpose, highlighting the magnitude of the migrant predicament and serving as a form of protest against the immigration policies of the Biden administration.

“Texas communities like Eagle Pass and El Paso should not have to shoulder the unprecedented surge of illegal immigration caused by President Biden’s reckless open border policies,” Abbott said in a press release. “Texas will continue to send buses to sanctuary cities to provide relief to overrun border towns.”

“Until President Biden upholds his constitutional duty to secure America’s southern border, Texas will continue to deploy as many buses as needed to relieve the strain caused by the surge of illegal crossings,” he added.

Hochul, grappling with an unprecedented influx of migrants into her city, has formally petitioned for increased federal assistance. Her appeal, though, has been met with a denial from the White House, which asserted that the requisite funding must originate from Congress.

“f you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else,” Hochul told CNN in an interview on Wednesday.

“We have to let the word out that when you come to New York, we’re not going to have any more hotel rooms; we don’t have [the] capacity,” she said. “We have to also message properly that we’re at our limit. If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.”

Abbott’s press secretary Andrew Mahaleris called Hochul’s hypocrisy “astounding.”

“With millions of residents, New York is only dealing with a fraction of what our small border communities deal with on a day-to-day basis. Instead of complaining about 14,000 migrants being bused to New York City from Texas, Governor Hochul should be calling out her party leader, President Biden,” he added.

Jim Thomas

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