GM to Invest Billions into US

Jan 19, 2017 by admin
GM will pour billions back into America. Is Trump directly responsible for this or are CEOs looking out for their own bottom line?

China, Iran Test US for War

Jan 17, 2017 by admin
The Iranians and The Chinese have both made the high seas a dangerous place in the last week. Will US counter or take a wait-and-see approac

With Days Left, Obama Changes Cuban Immigration Policy

Jan 17, 2017 by admin
A week before he leaves Obama announces a strong immigration policy, known as "wet foot, dry foot" will end. This is a major change for Cuba

The Trump-Russia Dossier Makes Waves

Jan 17, 2017 by admin
The Trump-Russia dossier dropped by Buzzfeed is causing waves among the old guard of media. They are insisting it should have been validated

UN Resolution 2334 Drives Wedge Between US, Israel

Jan 12, 2017 by admin
UN Resolution 2334 passed through the UN Security Council with 14 votes and one abstention from the USA. Israel is outraged over the betraya

Republicans to Save Obamacare Now

Dec 22, 2016 by admin
Donald Trump promised to get rid of Obamacare. Now some in the GOP are digging in, saying parts of the ACA should be saved.

Fed Vacancies Give Trump Power Over Monetary Policy

Dec 20, 2016 by admin
The US's Monetary Policy is controlled in the back rooms of the Federal Reserve. Currently, there are two vacancies which Trump needs to fil

Trump’s Tax Plan Might Raise Your Taxes

Dec 19, 2016 by admin
Donald Trump Campaigned to Give Money Back To All Americans. However, The Data Suggests Trump's Tax Plan Makes Losers Out of Some.

Facebook Says It Will Now Censor THIS

Dec 16, 2016 by admin
Facebook is making headlines with its promise of censorship. Will your daily scoop be censored because FB says it is a "fake news site"?

US Workers Explode Over H-1B Program

Dec 15, 2016 by admin
Obama expands H-1B program days before leaving office. Donald Trump said he would rip it up as President. What does the expansion mean for