Shannon Watts Wants To Ban Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifles Because They’re Scary Looking

Shannon Watts Wants To Ban Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifles Because They’re Scary Looking

The wave of political debate in the wake of the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has, once again, exposed some of the more complicated arguments about guns. Unfortunately, those arguing for the tightest restrictions on firearms often know the least about what they are hoping to legislate. Here’s a good example.

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The AR-15 is a dramatic rifle. Images of M-16s from Vietnam, and M-4s from more recent conflicts create lasting impressions. And the AR-15 bears a family resemblance. As such, it is often mislabeled a “weapon of war” or, more recently, “an assault-style weapon.”

Most AR-15s are also modular in design, and built of black steel, aluminum, and plastic. In the firearms industry, some euphemistically call them “black rifles.”

Now we see that other black rifles, those made from similar materials, may be just as scary to those who are triggered by the AR-15. This Ruger Precision Rimfire (a .22 bolt action target rifle) has Shannon Watts Tweeting.

The founder of Moms Demand Action sent out this:

What reads like an advertisement for Sportsman’s Warehouse is actually supposed to shock readers into thinking this will be the next weapon of mass destruction.

Squirrels across the country, though, shuddered in fear. With a rifle like this, the average 18 year old can scare a squirrel from 100, maybe even 200 feet.

But the Ruger Precision Rimfire does have some terrifying features. The forend, for example, has all kinds of holes in it. A shooter might use those holes to attach a bipod. And the cheek-piece is adjustable. It even has a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.

Even worse, though, is Ruger’s homage to the most deadly feature of any “assault-style weapon”: the pistol grip. Pistols are deadly, so adding a pistol grip to a rifle increases its killing potential more than any other feature.

Watts. It almost seems like she doesn’t want to win.The Ruger has more in common with this Savage than it does with an AR-15.

Perhaps, if the federal funding fr the study of so-called “gun violence” is eventually restored, we’ll have empirical evidence to show Watts what most sentient human beings already know to be true. And that’s this: the Ruger Precision Rimfire is a modern sporting rifle. It is not a weapon.

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