Senor and McFarland to Newsmax: ‘Iran Wants Power in the Region’

Dan Senor, former foreign policy adviser to Pres. George W. Bush, expressed apprehensions regarding Iran’s recent deployment of warships to the Red Sea, emphasizing what he sees as a demonstration of the Biden administration’s vulnerability.

“Iran wants to establish a hegemonic power in the region. Iran has worked closely with Beijing and Moscow. That’s what we’re up against,” Senor told Newsmax’sRob Schmitt Tonight” on Wednesday. “I think the Biden Administration does deserve some credit for how they have backed Israel and its war with Hamas. But that credit won’t be worth much if there’s no strategy to deal with Iran.”

Senor highlighted the ongoing tests faced by Israel, the West, and, specifically, the United States. He expressed uncertainty about the Biden administration’s strategy, citing conversations with officials who, according to Senor, prioritize maintaining a low “temperature” and avoiding escalation.

“The problem is the Biden Administration only gets one vote,” he said. “Iran gets a vote on whether or not they want to escalate, and I still don’t know what the administration’s strategy is to deal with that.”

“The war on October 7 against Israel did not happen by accident. Hamas has been armed and trained at some point by Iran,” Senor added, linking Iran’s influence on various militias and proxies in the region, including the Houthis in Yemen and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Former deputy national security adviser Kathleen Troia (K.T.) McFarland echoed concerns about the defensive nature of the U.S. response, emphasizing that it is not deterring aggression. She criticized the Biden administration for attempting to “placate” Iran to maintain peace in the Middle East, asserting that the “opposite” is occurring with escalating tensions.

“It’s not that we’re going to the source of where this missile has been launched from. So, we’re only defending ourselves. We’re not deterring anybody,” McFarland stated. “The worry I have is that until we stand up and take action against the people who were shooting at us, then they’re going to just keep pushing, pushing, pushing.”

It is clear that “they are escalating,” she declared.

McFarland expressed concern about a potential cycle of conflict, warning that without proactive measures, the United States may face casualties and damage to American ships.

“At some point, the United States is not going to be 100% successful in shooting down every single missile,” she said. “At some point, Americans are going to die. American ships are going to be fired on, and they’re going to do great damage, and then we’ll be stuck in this cycle of a war that we don’t want, one we could have prevented and that we’re not prepared for.”


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