Satanic Temple Leader to Newsmax: Fox News Being Held to Unreasonable Standard

Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, which is at the center of a controversy involving Fox News matching employee donations to the nonprofit organization, told Newsmax on Monday conservatives are holding the cable news network to an “unreasonable” standard.

The Blaze reported Friday that The Satanic Temple, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with tax-exempt status, was among several left wing organizations available on a company app in which Fox would match 100% of employee donations up to $1,000. Other groups available were Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project ,and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

On Monday, though, Fox removed the matching status to The Satanic Temple, The Blaze reported, and invited the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to participate, a charity in which Fox reportedly said would not match donations because it “doesn’t meet program guidelines.”

“I think Fox was just using a third-party app that was allowing contributions to any charitable organization that qualified as such,” Greaves told “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “On our side, nobody was shocked by this news. People within The Satanic Temple weren’t worried that we had some kind of formal background affiliation with Fox, which they would also reject.

“I honestly think what we have going on here is kind of a conservative purity spiral. I think they’re holding Fox to a standard that is somewhat unreasonable.”

Greaves said there is an expansive list of charities to which employees could contribute and that Fox wasn’t forcing anyone to contribute to a specific charity.

“I think people are angry about Fox for different things,” Greaves said. “I think people are angry at Fox for firing Tucker Carlson. I think people are angry at Fox because they think Fox hasn’t been living up to propagating the values that they hold dear.

“If you have employees and the employees are allowed to give to any charity they want, do you even want to set up a situation where you have an organization dictating to you not what your values should be, but exactly what you are allowed and not allowed to do?

“I think if you’re trying to instill values in people, you would give them of large directory of charities that they can donate to and you might not take the time to vet through because I’m sure it’s a massive, expansive list.”


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