Sanders Campaign Blasts MSNBC’s Todd for Citing Quote Comparing Supporters to Nazis

Sanders Campaign Blasts MSNBC’s Todd for Citing Quote Comparing Supporters to Nazis


Sen. Bernie Sanders’, I-Vt., campaign Monday blasted MSNBC host Chuck Todd for his segment likening Sanders’ supporters to “brown shirts.”

Todd earlier in the day during a segment on “Meet the Press Daily,” cited a column at “The Bulwark,” titled, “Bernie Bros and the Internet of Beefs.”

The columnist suggested Sanders’ supporters are part of a “digital brown shirt brigade.”

“Ruth, we have all been on the receiving end of the Bernie online brigade,” Todd told The Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus. “Here’s what [author Jonathan Last] says, ‘no other candidate has anything like this digital brown shirt brigade except for Donald Trump.’

“The question is this: What if you can’t win the presidency without an online mob? What if we live where having an a bullying, aggro social media online army popping anyone who sticks their head up, is an ingredient for or a critical marker of success?”

He continued: “I know everyone is freaking out about his, but you saw the MAGA rally that’s preparing around here. There are people coming from three or four states, that’s real. This is like Bernie.”

Sanders’ national press secretary blasted the comparison.

Briahna Gray tweeted:

“‘Digital brown shirt brigade.’ That’s how our Jewish candidate’s supporters are being described on the MSM. The contempt shown for ordinary people is really something.”

Sanders speechwriter David Sirota also slammed Todd’s remarks. He tweeted:

“We need civility and decency in our politics, and we shouldn’t demonize people we disagree with.” 

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