Ric Grenell to Newsmax: Biden Has No Diplomatic Response in Middle East

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell criticized the Biden Administration for its lack of clarity in telling the world the United States is not at war, while at the same time increasing its military responses.  “You don’t drop bombs if you’re not in a war,” he told Newsmax’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” on Monday.

On Feb 2, the Pentagon authorized multiple strikes ‘against Iran-backed militant groups in Iraq and Syria in response to last weekend’s attack in Jordan that killed three U.S. soldiers. The have subsequently continued with the bombing campaign for a third straight day.  “This is the same White House that is saying we’re not technically at war with Iran and I think that’s just silly,” Grenell said.

“They’re trying to ‘defend’ the United States while also going through all sorts of gymnastics to pretend like we’re not in a war.”

While the U.S. military continues to strike multiple targets in multiple countries, the stalemate in Gaza remains unchanged.  Grinell blasted the Biden Administration’s Jake Sullivan for seeking a ‘two-state solution’ negotiating platform with Hamas while there remain American hostages after 119 days. “He’s an academic who is in way over his head. He should resign immediately.  To talk about any solution while we have Americans being held hostage by a terrorist organization? Give up the hostages. That’s all I want right now.”

The Biden Administration has not released an official statement on the American’s behind held against their will in Gaza since November 29, 2023. 

Grenell was not optimistic about what the immediate futures holds for the United States in the Middle East saying, ““What’s crazy is we don’t have a diplomatic response.  We just have military action.”


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