Republicans Want to Keep Dickey Amendment

Republicans Want to Keep Dickey Amendment

Republicans want to keep a policy called the Dickey Amendment, which forbids the Centers for Disease Control from advocating about gun control, Politico reported. 

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Opponents said the impact of the amendment has prohibited the CDC from research into gun deaths and Republicans say they do not want to add an extra issue to upcoming spending bills.

“I don’t know why you’d want to mess up a $1 trillion appropriations bill with something that’s controversial when the HHS (Health and Human Services) director already says he has the authority to do the research,” said Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., in the report, referring to HHS Secretary Alex Azar.

Azar said the policy does not prohibit the CDC from researching, just from taking an advocacy position, Politico reported.

The amendment was named for the late Rep. Jay Dickey, R-Ark., who added the amendment to a 1997 omnibus spending bill after CDC research between keeping guns in the home and the risk of suicide or homicide came to light, Roll Call reported.

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