Republicans to Save Obamacare Now

Republicans to Save Obamacare Now

Save Obamacare Taxes For Something New

ObamacareThe Affordable Healthcare Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is on life support in more ways than one. First, the amount of people using Obamacare is only estimated to be 6.4 Million people, not even 2% of the American population. Second, many of the insurance companies that were originally supporting Obamacare have opted out based on the unsustainable costs they experienced under Obamacare. Finally, Donald Trump has now won the election and been confirmed by the Electoral College. He told his supporters on day one of his Presidency he would rip it up, so he is now in a position to keep that promise

But there are some Republican detractors who are trying to save Obamacare. Bill Cassidy R-La) is going against the grain by insisting some of the taxes implemented under the ACA stay in place.

ObamaCare includes a range of taxes that, along with cuts to Medicare, funded its expansion of coverage. Those taxes are both on industry groups, such as taxes on health insurers and medical device companies, and on people, like increased Medicare taxes for high earners.

Some conservatives have long pushed for repealing the entire health law, including the taxes. But other Republicans, including Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), want to keep some of the taxes to provide revenue for a replacement plan.

“There needs to be some source of revenue,” Cassidy told The Hill. He noted that various healthcare industry groups already worked out deals when ObamaCare was being passed in 2009 to give up some money in exchange for increasing coverage, which would help their business.

Obamacare is STILL Unconstitutional

This position is not going to be a popular one among the Republican base. Many were enraged when Obamacare was passed, due not only the way it was through force without Republican support, the rush to pass the bill that it did not seem to get proper vetting, and the fact that forcing everyone healthcare was unconstitutional.

The issue is simple: When the Senate adopted its own bill, installed it inside the shell of a separate and unrelated House bill, called it the Affordable Care Act and passed it, it created a long list of “fees” and “penalties” for Americans to pay.

But the John Roberts-led Supreme Court, recognizing the Constitution doesn’t allow the government to force people to buy consumer products, turned the “fees” and “penalties” into “taxes.”

There are now two issues at play for the continuation of Obamacare. First, it has failed in its purpose of giving ALL Americans affordable health care and failed magnificently with less than 2% coverage. More importantly, the fees/taxes which were implemented were not eligible to be gathered in the first place. Therefore, if Trump dismantles it and approaches it like a business, it would be seen as a failure. And if he approaches it as the President, he should abolish all the taxes and fees, giving those back to Americans who never consented to them in the first place.

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