Report: Animal Rights Next Frontier for Left

Report: Animal Rights Next Frontier for Left

Animal rights are the next frontier for the left, according to The New Republic.

In an article in the liberal opinion outlet, staff writer Emily Atkin wrote “crucial elements of the contemporary progressive agenda” — like protecting the environment and marginalized communities, and “rolling back the unfettered capitalist exploitation of the planet and its inhabitants” — all overlap with the issue of animal rights. 

“As those particular priorities claim center stage in ambitious proposals such as the Green New Deal, the question of what to do about animals . . . will be unavoidable,” Atkin wrote.

She noted an idea considered radical in 1989 — that it is almost never acceptable to kill an animal and that animal species possess the same basic rights as humans — is increasingly embraced today.

Thirty-two percent of Americans believe animals should have similar protections as humans, according to a 2015 Gallup poll.

“Thanks to an expansive nexus of interrelated moral and political concerns, the numbers seem poised to continue spiking, particularly among liberals,” she wrote. “At the heart of that nexus is a tentative accord to bring animal rights and animal welfare into alignment with one another — together of course, with human rights and human welfare.”

With proposals like the Green New Deal, the left has recognized “massive societal shifts are necessary to save the planet and achieve equality,” Atkin wrote.

“And with the Green New Deal’s increasing prominence in the debate over environmental reform, it’s only a matter of time before such shifts will include a serious discussion about the ethics and wisdom of consuming billions of animals every year,” she wrote.

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