Rep. Tim Burchett to Newsmax: Chairman Comer ‘Is a Master at This’

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., is proving to be an invaluable leader of the investigations into the Biden family’s foreign influence peddling schemes, Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., told Newsmax.

“There’ll be some new revelations: Chairman Comer,” Burchett told “Saturday Agenda,” “he is a master at this thing, and he plays this out. He knows. Every two weeks, something new comes out that he has. And … it’s just not over sensory overload. He doesn’t just dump it on us.”

Comer; House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, R-Ohio; and House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith, R-Mo., are the three House GOP chairs leading what is not an official impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden for alleged bribery schemes.

“But the American public gets it and they get the timeline,” Burchett told host Rob Astorino. “Chairman Comer has been a master at laying all this stuff out for the American public and also just sharing with the committee.”

Burchett said that despite the work of the House GOP investigations, the liberal media protecting Democrats remains oblivious to truth, facts, and reality.

“The lamestream media keeps saying there’s no proof,” Burchett said. “The proof is everywhere. They’re just not looking.”

Comer will continue to be forthright with his colleagues and the public, unlike past committee chairs, Burchett added.

“We’re briefed on everything he gets,” Burchett said. “There’s no secrets. I’ve been in other committees where the chairman is, you know, on some ivory throne. But he shares amongst us little people, and that’s pretty cool.

“And that’s what I dig [about] him. He does a good job of it.”

Burchett predicted Comer is going to continue to find more allegations of impropriety on the part of the sitting president.

“There is some more stuff — I believe it will come out — that we have not been privileged to,” he concluded.


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