Rep. Murphy to Newsmax: Kirby’s ‘A-Plus’ Rating for Biden ‘Laughable’

It is “laughable” that National Security Council spokesman John Kirby would give President Joe Biden an “A-Plus” on his handling of foreign affairs in the wake of the attacks on Israel, considering his many failures during his presidency, Rep. Greg Murphy said on Newsmax Sunday. 

“His cowardly and politically motivated withdrawal from Afghanistan led to [Vladimir] Putin moving into Ukraine,” the North Carolina Republican commented in an interview on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report,” adding that Biden’s allowing Iran to enrich uranium is also a major concern.

He explained that when former President Donald Trump was in office, Iran was allowed to enrich uranium to 4%, but under Biden, the allowable rate is 83%, when it takes 90% enrichment for a nuclear bomb. 

“So we have nuclear Iran, you have a nuclear Russia, you have a nuclear China,” said Murphy. “With the Iranians having a nuclear bomb, they believe it’s jihad. They believe they’ll go to martyrdom.”

Biden’s foreign policy practices have also allowed Russia and Iran to communicate, said Murphy. 

“Who knows if this is not a coordinated scenario by Iran, Russia, and China to do all this, pull the U.S. out of being able to concentrate on one place,” said Murphy. “Now you see Iran proxies moving from Syria, detracting and attacking American troops.”

Biden, meanwhile, is an “absolute disaster as a president,” said Murphy. “I wish I could say differently, I truly do, but it’s an absolute disaster. We’re concentrating on woke policies back home that have depleted our ability to recruit people into our armed services.”

That means Biden’s grade is “below F” and he would “give it zero.”

Meanwhile, there has been an exponential rise in antisemitism in the United States, and while Murphy said he blames the media in part, he puts the blame “square” on college presidents and chancellors because they’ve allowed the atmosphere to grow. 

“The students growing out are so victimized by everything, and so they don’t see the world in totality,” he said. “It is a horrible, hateful world out there and we think we teach butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns, But when faced with reality, it is a harsh, harsh world…they have no idea of the reality of this world. Hamas started this war, and Israel plans to finish it.”


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