Rep. McCormick to Newsmax: Biden Decline Clear Compared to 2020

President Joe Biden’s cognitive state doesn’t even seem to be in the shape it was four years ago at the start of his presidency, Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Ga., told Newsmax on Thursday.

“If you look at Biden four years ago, there is an unbelievable difference,” McCormick told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “In the way he’s able to express himself, the confusion on his face, his ability to walk.”

McCormick added that Biden, 81, used to talk about running upstairs, biking, and other physical activities that he is unable to perform today, and he used to talk about them in a relaxed way where he “seemed like himself.”

“He was charming, and that’s gone away,” McCormick said. “Now he doesn’t even have the ability to interpret emotions anymore. You can see it in the way he interprets different questions and how he gets defensive instantly because that’s what people do when they have dementia, and they can’t even understand what emotions are being conveyed.”

McCormick contrasted Biden to former President Donald Trump, who, even at age 77, is “as sharp as it gets.”

“When you watch Trump four years ago, he’s the same guy,” McCormick said. “He’s sharp. I spent an hour and a half with him in his library. He remembers everything. The guy, no matter what you want to say … maybe you don’t like his personality, but he remembers everything. This guy is as sharp as it gets.”


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