Rep. Hageman to Newsmax: Biden Angry, Vitriolic in SOTU

President Joe Biden was “angry and vitriolic” in his State of the Union address, said Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-Wyo.

“I was watching his address and thinking, ‘This is the crazy uncle on the corner that yells at everybody to get off his lawn,'” Hageman said Saturday during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda.”

“What an angry and vitriolic speech! I just could not believe the level of acrimony and anger and hatred coming out of his mouth.

“I think what was happening in large part is I think that they must have to provide him with medications so that he is capable of standing upright for that period of time and remaining coherent,” she continued.

“He cannot do anything but read off of a teleprompter. In other words, he’s absolutely not capable of dealing with the moment in time. He just stands up there and reads words written by somebody else, but a very angry and vitriolic old man is what I thought about.”

Biden, she added, is an “incredibly weak leader and president,” which is why the U.S. and the world have “so many crises going on,” including the border, homelessness, inflation.

There was nothing in the speech Republicans can support because “so much of his speech was one lie after another.”

“The economy isn’t improving under Joe Biden. He has adopted policies that have created incredible inflation — over 18% since he took office. … Pretty much every single policy that Joe Biden has adopted has been an absolute failure,” she added.


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Solange Reyner

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