Rep. D’Esposito to Newsmax: Border Situation ‘Criminal’

Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, R-N.Y., on Saturday called the situation at the southern border “criminal” and demanded accountability from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

D’Esposito, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee and former New York Police officer, also expressed deep concern over the administration’s handling of border security, emphasizing the potential threat posed by individuals on the terror watch list.

“There have been about 160 individuals that have been arrested and stopped along the southern border for being on the known terror watch list,” he said on Newsmax‘sSaturday Agenda.”

“There is no doubt that there is a number in there of potential terrorists coming across the southern border.”

D’Esposito also criticized the lack of communication between New York’s Port Authority, NYPD, TSA, and Customs and Border Patrol agents during the recent migrant placement at JFK airport where migrants were placed in a hangar without coordination between key security entities.

“Zero communication,” he lamented, raising concerns about the potential presence of criminals or individuals requiring special attention.

The lawmaker portrayed the broader impact on law enforcement, citing record numbers of officers leaving their posts, particularly in the NYPD and attributed the exodus to President Joe Biden’s policies and New York Mayor Eric Adams, emphasizing the gap between campaign promises and governance reality.

Reflecting on New York City’s designation as a sanctuary city, D’Esposito accused Adams of failing to implement meaningful policies to support such a status.

“Being a sanctuary city is not just talking about, it’s actually having policies in place to serve as that sanctuary,” he asserted.

He also expressed compassion for those seeking the American dream but criticized the current administration’s handling of migrants, citing overcrowded conditions and inadequate support. “Nobody does those things to live in a vacant hangar at JFK airport,” he emphasized.

“Thousands upon thousands that are coming over the border, it’s creating a risk, and it’s creating concerns because now every community is a border community,” he said. 

Concluding the interview, D’Esposito called for Secretary Mayorkas’s impeachment, alleging dereliction of duty and a failure to uphold his oath of office. “He’s failing on his oath of office. He’s derelict in his duties, and he should be impeached,” he declared.


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