Poll: Pennsylvania’s Special Election Contenders One Digit Apart

Poll: Pennsylvania’s Special Election Contenders One Digit Apart

A uniquely close race in a Tuesday special election for Pennsylvania’s House District 18, regardless of whether it is won by a Republican in what many consider steel country, portends some trouble for the GOP in 2018 midterms or beyond, according to NBC News.

It is why there is an estimated $12 million being spent, according to report, in a district that will no longer exist after the state recently rewrote the congressional map and a seat that was last won by a Republican who ran unopposed.

It is also why President Donald Trump was there for a rally Saturday, where he announced his 2020 campaign slogan “Keep America Great,” capping a week in which he signed an executive order steel tariffs.

Despite being a traditionally GOP-friendly district, Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone are competing a Tuesday special election which polls have at single digits, according to NBC.

NBC cited the following reasons for the uniquely close race:

  • President Trump’s job approval sits at 42 percent in the state.
  • Lamb is a Marine veteran, former prosecutor, and an Ivy League grad.
  • The district’s college-educated white voters are a category that is dwindling in favor for Trump.

“None of that means the race Tuesday is certain to go to the Democrats, but the income and education figures in the 18th are a big part of why the polls show the race is close,” NBC News wrote. “And even if Republicans hold onto the seat Tuesday night, that should be a cause for concern among the GOP faithful.”

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