Poll: Dems Hold Wide Lead in Generic Ballot

Poll: Dems Hold Wide Lead in Generic Ballot

Democrats have far more support than Republicans on the latest generic congressional ballot from CNN.

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SSRS, a survey and market research firm, conducted the poll on CNN’s behalf, asking just over 900 registered voters which party’s candidate they would support in their congressional district.

  • 54 percent said a Democrat
  • 38 percent said a Republican

The survey also found that Democrats are more enthusiastic about voting in the upcoming midterm elections, and that the GOP has focused on the economy, taxes and immigration as the central issues, while Democrats are focused on healthcare and gun policy.

When asked which issues were extremely important:

  • 53 percent said healthcare
  • 49 percent said gun policy
  • 43 percent said the economy
  • 38 percent said immigration
  • 36 percent said sexual harassment
  • 35 percent said taxes
  • 26 percent said Russian election interference

Healthcare is more likely to influence Democrats than Republicans, as are a candidate’s positions on gun policy, sexual harassment and immigration.

SSRS contacted 1,016 adults in the U.S., including 909 registered voters, by phone from Feb. 20-23. Results have a margin of error of  3.7 percentage points, 3.9 for registered voters.

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