Politico: GOP Can Hold Onto the House in Midterms

Politico: GOP Can Hold Onto the House in Midterms


Despite some dire predictions about Republicans losing their House majority in the midterm elections, the GOP could still manage to stay in control, according to Politico.

The website pointed to recent polls showing generic congressional ballots ticking upward for Republicans.  And it noted President Donald Trump’s approval ratings going up, as well.

If the GOP is able to keep the generic ballot deficit under about 9 percentage points and Trump’s approval rating in the mid-40s, Republicans have an opportunity to keep their majority in the House, Politico noted.

A Rasmussen Reports daily presidential track poll on Monday put Trump’s approval rating at 49 percent.

And Trump recently tweeted about a “generic poll,” showing Republicans ahead of Democrats.

However, Politico reported generic ballot numbers have moved in a Democratic direction in recent days.

Meanwhile, Democrats are raising concern, the website said.

“In the last few weeks, Democrats turned their attention to other issues while Trump has continued to promote his economic policies, and Trump’s numbers have incrementally improved as a result,” Priorities USA, the biggest Democratic super PAC, announced in a memo. “While still on track for a successful November, the extent of Democratic gains will be blunted if Democrats do not re-engage more aggressively in speaking to the economic and healthcare priorities of voters.”

Money will soon start pouring in for Republican candidates, Politico said. The Congressional Leadership Fund, along with its sister group, the American Action Network raised $66 million in 2017.

And the Koch network has vowed to spend as much as $400 million during this year’s election cycle on conservative political and policy campaigns.

Still, Republicans face obstacles, Politico noted.

In the past quarter-century, four of the last six midterms produced wave elections against the party controlling the White House, according to the website.

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