Piers Morgan Goes Off Debating ‘Gun Nut’: ‘I Get So Angry’

Piers Morgan Goes Off Debating ‘Gun Nut’: ‘I Get So Angry’

British TV host Piers Morgan went off on a gun advocate Monday in a raucous debate over assault rifles like the one used in the deadly Florida high school shootout.

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“How many children have to die,” before gun advocates realize the need for tougher gun laws, Morgan said on “Good Morning Britain” in an angry debate with gun advocate Antonia Okafor.

He noted that 85 people a day die in gun violence in the U.S. as opposed to 33 in an entire year in Great Britain and similarly low numbers in other countries with tough gun laws.

“It’s not about the firearm, it’s about the person behind the firearm who is intent on doing harm,” Okafor said at one point during the debate.

But things got really heated when Okafor said: “It’s funny when you think that you’re gonna bully someone into thinking that I don’t — as a black woman — that I wouldn’t want some way of defending my life.”

“It’s got nothing to do you with your skin color,” Morgan short back. “So, shame on you for bringing that into this debate.”

“Shame on me?!” Okafor said. “Shame on you, Piers Morgan for the fact that the examples that you used are all countries that are in the West or have Western culture.”

“But you’re in the West!” Morgan screamed. “Do you not realize you’re in the West! America is the West, you ridiculous woman!”

Morgan then cut her off and switched to Sam Zeif, a survivor of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“I get so angry talking to these gun nuts,” Morgan told Zeif.

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