Pence to Newsmax: Biden Opened the Border; I’ll Close It

President Joe Biden “threw open the southern border,” former Vice President Mike Pence tells Newsmax, promising that if he’s elected as president, he’ll start working on “Day One” to close it again.

“I negotiated the remain in Mexico policy with the Mexican government and that combined with hundreds of miles of border wall that we built, we secured [the border] after the longest government shutdown in history,” Pence told Newsmax’s “National Report,” adding that the administration also enacted Title 42 rules that reduced illegal immigration and asylum abuse by 90%.

And if elected, “we’re going to continue to rebuild the wall” and put the remain in Mexico policy back into effect, he said.

Pence also promised a fight against the cartels, and that he will go to Congress to seek authorization for the use of force before sitting down with the Mexican government for a plan to partner with them and take out the cartels, which are responsible not only for the migration issue but for the flow of fentanyl that claims lives every day.

“I also had the experience of having been in the Congress and having been a governor,” he said. “I believe the American people are tired of a broken immigration system. Once we secure our border and once we reject amnesty, I think the American people are ready for us to advance an immigration reform that would be based on merit and develop an immigration system in this country that would first ask what the United States of America needs.”

The system would also “invite those people to come into work to be Americans to learn our language to be a part of our country,” Pence said. “All of that is part of my vision for moving forward.”


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Sandy Fitzgerald

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