Paxton to Newsmax: Pfizer Tested Vaccine ‘On Us’

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Newsmax on Monday that Pfizer didn’t test its COVID-19 vaccine through the normal protocol of clinical trials, accusing the drugmaker of “testing it on us” instead.

Paxton spoke with “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” to discuss the lawsuit that he filed against Pfizer last week in Texas, in which he also challenged Pfizer’s claim of a relative risk reduction for people who took the vaccine.

“They said it was 95% effective. We think it was more like 1% or less,” Paxton told Higbie.

In the lawsuit, Paxton alleged that Pfizer’s vaccine was .85% effective.  

“That’s a fairly significant difference. And even if we’re just a little off, that’s a significant difference from what they told us and they knew it,” Paxton said Monday. “We also have seen where certain populations that got the vaccine had a higher death rate than those who did not.

“So the fact that they ended up knowing this and didn’t tell us and actually tried to censor, pressure people into using the vaccine when they knew that it wasn’t as effective as they said it was — and by the way, since they’re protected federally, they didn’t test this vaccine,” Paxton added. “They just tested it on us. And they didn’t run their normal cycle of testing the vaccine, so we got the test.”

The lawsuit seeks to stop Pfizer from making false claims and silencing “truthful speech” about its vaccine, and more than $10 million in fines for violating a Texas law protecting consumers from deceptive marketing.

“Once they knew, they had an obligation to tell us,” Paxton told Higbie. “Instead of telling us the truth when they knew the truth, which was not that far into their testing on us, they tried to cover it up.”

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report. 


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