Pam Bondi to Newsmax: James Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Prosecute Trump

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told Newsmax on Monday that New York Attorney General Letitia James should not be allowed to prosecute former President Donald Trump, whose civil trial began this week.

Asked on “Newsline” if James should be allowed to prosecute Trump, Bondi said: “She should not be, and they’ve tried to get her to recuse herself. They’ve tried to have her recused, this isn’t a perception of conflict or perceived conflict, this is an actual conflict.

“Those clips that your reporter played say it all: ‘I am going to go after Donald Trump. I’m going to go into the office of the attorney general every single day and find a way to sue him. I’m going to sue him and I’m gonna go home happy,’ is what she’s saying.”

Trump denounced the civil fraud case over his business practices as a politically motivated “scam” as he arrived Monday for a trial in the lawsuit, which could cost him control of Trump Tower and other prized properties.

Bondi said of James: “It’s unbelievable that she’s getting away with this. The judge has already expressed how he’s going to rule; he’s ruling against, so it’s going to be appealed … and it has to be for numerous reasons.

“Number one, I believe the judge is biased. Number two … James should not have even kept this case. As a former attorney general watching this, if we were watching this … on a movie screen, we would be saying this is so far-fetched, this would never happen in the real world because it shouldn’t be happening.”

Theodore Bunker

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