Obama Could Have Stopped This Terror Attack

Obama Could Have Stopped This Terror Attack

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Purple Heart Over Report of “Workplace Violence” at Fort Hood.

In 2001, terror reared its ugly head and smashed some of our buildings to the ground. We know knew we had an enemy- Radical Islam.

Since then, there have been more than 70 attempts by terrorist cells or lone wolves, violently attacking our citizens.

Barack Obama didn’t have the spine to call them what they were… he said it was workplace violence or acts of hate, but not terrorism. And because he refused to call it what it was, dozens of US servicemen have been murdered on military bases. Since they weren’t armed, it was easy for a lone attacker to come in and start shooting up the place.

But recently the military has realized that allowing their employees to be shot is bad for morale and announced a change in policy.

As reported by the Military Times, U.S. military personnel can now request to carry concealed handguns for protection at government facilities, according to new Defense Department directive issued last week in response to a series of deadly shootings over the last seven years.
While service members already were authorized to carry weapons as part of specific job responsibilities, the new policy allows them to apply to carry their privately owned firearms “for personal protection not associated with the performance of official duties,” the directive says.

Rather late than never hardly fits in this situation. Obama put our soldiers at risk unnecessarily for almost all of his presidency and then does an about face with only two months to go.

He should explain to the families of the victims at Fort Hood, the families of the Naval base that he didn’t take the threat of radical Islam serious enough. Obama should tell them he golfed more than 300 times in his presidency and as a result, he didn’t have order this review this policy years ago.

And Obama should take a good look in the mirror, because if anyone ever tried to kill him, he has dozens of Secret Service agents with guns that would risk their life for him,
They would take a bullet for the president. The victims of these shooting didn’t have that luxury. In fact, their own government, which holds Obama’s life in such high regard were ordered against carrying for their personal protection.

And radical Islam is still out there, yelling “Allah Akbar” as they kill American citizens.

So excuse us, Mr. President, if we don’t jump in excitement at this pathetic correction of a wrong. It should have been the first thing you did after the 2009 Fort Hood terrorist attack.

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