Obama Could Leave White House in Handcuffs.

Obama Could Leave White House in Handcuffs.

handcuffs, arrest, Obama,There are a lot of people in a good mood after Donald Trump beat out Hillary Clinton, there were other ballots cast early November that were more somber.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was defeated in his re-election bid to continue to represent the people of Arizona. And that means the end of an investigation that his office launched in 2011.

The investigation was to determine whether Obama produced a fraudulent government document and claimed it was his birth certificate. Sheriff Joe was no birther. He repeatedly said he didn’t care where Obama was born. What he was trying to get to the bottom of was “Did Obama break the law?”

And so on December 15th, Joe’s going to hold a press conference to tell the world his finding. Obama might have to pardon himself as he leaves office after this news gets out.

You see, Sheriff Joe has been working on this case alongside investigator Mike Zulio. And Mike Zulio indicated a document witness expert says the document is fake. WND has the story,

Reed Hayes, a document examiner who has served as expert witness for Seattle law firm Perkins Cole – the firm that flew an attorney to Honolulu to personally deliver two paper copies of the birth certificate to the White House – has concluded in a signed affidavit that the document posted on the White House website is “entirely fabricated.”

A signed affidavit is serious. A document witness who serves law firms as an expert witness is paid thousands of dollars for his credibility. This man is putting his life’s work on the line to vouch that the Obama birth certificate is fake.

And Sheriff Joe and Zulio weren’t just bloggers calling people and asking their opinion. They had the full force of the police department to conduct investigations. Sheriff Joe said they were blocked at every turn. The Hawaiian Health Department refused to cooperate. The Arizona attorney general didn’t acknowledge the Sheriff’s evidence. No one would get behind Joe because of what he is saying.

“I’ve been in law enforcement 55 years,” Arpaio told “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” “I think I know a fraudulent, fake document. I’m not a computer expert. I rely on my people. But I’m pretty well convinced [the presented Obama birth certificate] is a fake document.”

So if Obama presented the country with a fake birth certificate, he broke the law and he should be arrested. And this also means if he had to fake this document, he’s got something to hide. His name-change records, Occidental College financial aid records, Harvard Law School records, passport records have never been released to the public.  Some speculate that he received financial aid as a foreigner.

When Obama came into office, he said he’d be one of the most transparent administrations in history. But so far, it’s been the exact opposite. It took a Sheriff opening an investigation into his background for Obama to release a copy of his birth certificate. And that might be fake.

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