Obama Immigration Scandal Days Before Departure

Obama Immigration Scandal Days Before Departure

With Donald Trump assuming the Presidency in less than two months, it is time to be extra-attentive to what President Obama is doing.

His itinerary upon entering office was marked with scandalous acts, some frowned upon the way they were implemented, and some downright illegal.  And that was  when he had re-election to care about.

This includes:

  • TARP bailouts for big banks (with CEO bonuses paid with taxpayer money)
  • Appointing Federal Czars While Bypassing Congress
  • Operation Fast and Furious Where Obama Armed Drug Cartels That Eventually Killed US Agents
  • Apology Tours to our Enemies
  • Lending Solyndra $535 Billion; 2 Years Later They Closed in Bankruptcy
  • Suing Arizona for Enforcing Federal law.

The list goes on and on.

Once more, President Obama is betraying Americans by putting a last minute regulation into effect that steals jobs from Americans and giving them to foreigners.

This program, H-1B, was a program that President-elect Donald Trump opposed and said he would dismantle.

Obama is expanding it three days before he leaves.  This program is a guest worker program for skilled workers which piggybacks on the ability to become US Citizens.  These guest workers will take jobs away from qualified Americans. They do this by accepting lower pay with the hopes that they and their whole families will have a chance to settle here.

Not only do these positions get filled by immigrants rather than Americans, the government subsidizes them with taxpayer money!

Big corporations get to choose cheaper labor and that money is kept with the CEOs and doesn’t make it into the public for regular Americans.

Not only are skilled foreigners coming in and using the H-1B program, but Obama’s trying to game the system and get blocks of unskilled workers in (who then illegally vote for Democrats)

“The inflow of extra white-collar temporary workers is being accompanied by a sharp increase in the numbers of unskilled migrants seeking blue-collar jobs sought by Americans. Since late 2012, for example, Obama has provided work permits, or school slots, to perhaps 300,000 migrants from Central America. If allowed to stay, those migrants will cost Americans roughly $200 billion in taxpayer funds over the next 75 years.”


This is a big problem.  We have a national debt that continues to loom over us.  People are coming in working and then exporting their money back to their country.  So Americans stay unemployed, we have less in our pockets to help bring down the National Debt…

And these folks get benefits from the government also, which makes the debt bigger!

No wonder Trump wanted to dismantle this.  We already have an illegal immigration problem.  We don’t need a legal immigration problem also.  

America is a great country and we should allow others to come here and work and experience our culture.  But we also need to have our own house in order. The US is a mess right now from the scandalous acts of Barack Obama.  We don’t need to weather another one.

What do you think of Obama’s expansion of a program 3 days before he leaves?   

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