Obama Admits His Mistakes!!

Obama Admits His Mistakes!!

Americans know the Obama presidency was an abject failure since the start. Starting with the TARP bailouts for big bank fat-cats and running guns to Mexican drug lords.  Said guns were eventually turned on US citizens.

Who could forget Obamacare which has been hailed as an absolute disaster?

Not to mention the notable absence of leadership in Benghazi that led to Americans being slaughtered. Don’t forget the decision to arm Libyan rebels who eventually morphed into ISIS.

Obama has done a great job of making mistakes and then covering them up. Now Obama is reflecting back on his presidency. He has finally acknowledged one of his biggest mistakes was to ignore the advice of his predecessors. Fox News has the story.

“In Iraq in particular, it will be necessary for the coalition to provide sustained assistance and carry on our work to train, equip, and support local police, border guards, and other forces to hold areas cleared from ISIL[ISIS].” said Carter.

This take by Secretary of Defense Carter is nearly identical to the one George W. Bush outlined when Obama took the reins.

And inevitably Obama made a mess of things. He announced we’d pull troops. He gave the timetable.

Our enemies just waited for the US to leave.

Immediately after our departure, the gates of Iraq were stormed and our enemies conquered with ease. So what did US soldiers and our allies shed so much blood for?

Now, Donald Trump is coming into office. He said he is going to destroy ISIS. A big part of this promise will be having a strong presence in Iraq. We’ll have to seize back land that we controlled before Obama pulled us out. We’ll have to fight tooth-and-nail for every inch.

Just think of where the USA and Iraq would be if Obama had stayed the course 7 years ago.

Because Obama was so pigheaded, the whole Middle East is in chaos.
-Russia is stirring up trouble on the Eastern border of Syria.
-Iran wielding influence in Baghdad.
-We have the largest refugee crisis in recent memory. The displaced number is in the hundreds of thousands.
We’ve had multiple terror attacks on American soil by those who have pledged allegiance to ISIS.  Which was a force that didn’t exist before Obama came to power.

Obama repeatedly chose himself over our country. So, it’s nice to know President Trump campaigned from day one about restoring America. That restoration will include our safety, our position of strength, and our borders.

It’s too bad Obama had none of those ideals for his America. Rather, in his eight years, he’s used racism to create fear towards our law enforcement. He used open borders to bring in voters who leech off the welfare system. He’s given our enemies the upper hand with every move.

It’s about time he stepped down from office.

What do you think of Obama’s admission that staying the course in Iraq the first time should have been the way he handled it?

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