NYT: Kushner Company Got $509M in Loans After WH Meetings

NYT: Kushner Company Got $509M in Loans After WH Meetings

The real estate company owned by the family of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who also happens to be President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, received more than $500 million in loans last year after executives from the lending companies met with Kushner at the White House.

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The New York Times reported Wednesday that Kushner held meetings with Apollo Global Management founder Joshua Harris last year on multiple occasions. At the time, Harris was providing advice to the Trump administration related to infrastructure.

The possibility of a White House job offer being extended to Harris was discussed during those meetings, the Times noted. And although that never came to fruition, Apollo lent Kushner Companies $184 million in November — three times as large as the normal real estate loan doled out by the company.

Last spring, Citigroup chief executive Michael Corbat met with Kushner at the White House for a policy discussion. A short time later, Citigroup handed Kushner Companies and one of its partner companies a massive loan of $325 million.

It was reported this week Kushner’s security clearance was downgraded from top secret to secret because of issues with his background investigation. It is not clear what those issues are.

Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, work in the West Wing but choose not to take a salary.

The couple sold off some of their assets before starting their White House jobs last year, but Kushner still has stake in hundreds of companies.

A report last summer claimed they owned assets worth at least $206 million.

Kushner stepped down from 266 corporate positions before getting to work in the White House, while his wife resigned from 292 positions.

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