Nunberg ‘Would Highly Suggest’ Trump Testifies to ‘Get It Over With’

Nunberg ‘Would Highly Suggest’ Trump Testifies to ‘Get It Over With’

Urging President Donald Trump to interview with FBI special counsel Robert Mueller, mercurial former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg said the president needs to answer questions surrounding James Comey’s firing and “get it over with.”

“The president has to do an interview – I would say – I would highly suggest that he does,” Nunberg told MSNBC’s Alex Witt.

Nunberg went on to say President Trump was “ill-served by his staff” in a chain of events and reasoning surrounding James Comey’s firing which have justified the investigation assigned to Mueller.

“[Trump] has to explain the logic why, when he based the logic on the [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein memo, and then the next day he gives an interview to Lester Holt saying it has to do with Russia,” he told Witt. “But then he has the Russians in the Oval Office. And by the way, who the hell in that White House let that happen?

“He was so ill-served by his staff it was unbelievable; therefore, I don’t think Rosenstein had any choice but to put that special counsel.”

Nunberg suggested if Mueller’s investigators have something on President Trump it “better be within the scope of that investigation” into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and potential Trump campaign collusion, “which I don’t think [President Trump] did.”

Nunberg did acknowledge the Mueller investigation “of course” is looking into the coordination with Russia’s reported hacking the Democrat National Committee emails, which he too denied having any knowledge of.

“Here’s why I don’t believe it: President Vladimir Putin is running an operation because he’s too smart to do it directly with the campaign,” Nunberg said. “He didn’t need to do it directly with the campaign.”

Similarly, “Trump is too smart to do something” like collude with Russians, he added.

Nunberg concluded to Witt “this isn’t a witch hunt” and “taxpayers are getting their money’s worth,” because investigators – who Nunberg repeatedly praised – were only asking about “facts” and not asking for political or circumstantial “opinion.”

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