NRA’s Loesch: White House Ideas Won’t Keep Schools Safe

NRA’s Loesch: White House Ideas Won’t Keep Schools Safe

Several ideas were bounced around between President Donald Trump and lawmakers during a “fascinating discussion” Wednesday, but they won’t keep the nation’s schoolchildren safe, National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch insisted Thursday.

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“Look, there is a way that you can respect and protect due process and protect the rights of millions of Americans while also hardening our schools and keeping kids safe,” Loesch told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” 

“NRA members, we’re moms and dads too.”

Loesch said NRA President Wayne LaPierre has long championed “hardening” the nation’s schools, but when he came out with the idea, he was “mocked endlessly by the media.”

Trump, during Wednesday’s bipartisan meeting, bucked traditional GOP orthodoxy on guns multiple times, by suggesting raising the age for buying an assault rifle to 21, which the NRA opposes.

He also urged lawmakers not to include concealed-carry language in its legislation, and said he’d ban bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic weapons to function like automatic weapons, through an executive order. 

“I watched everything that happened during this discussion and it is not going to make for policy to keep kids safe,” Loesch told Fox News Thursday. “There are a number of things we can do. The NRA is pushing toward actional solutions. We have the NRA School Shield, and we put our resources up for disposal for any schools that want to implement them.”

Loesch said the NRA does agree about using the national background check system to keep firearms out of people who are mentally unstable.

However, she said millions of American families call it “inconceivable” that they are being punished for the failures of their government, as shown in the Parkland, Florida shootings on Feb. 14.

“We all have to realize the firearm did not walk itself in the school,” said Loesch. “It was allowed to after 45 missed calls. This murderer himself called the sheriff’s department. Two missed FBI tips and under Florida law, they could have charged him with a felony.”

The NRA, she continued, has always supported making sure that states accurately and fully report all convictions and people who have been adjudicated as mentally unfit after going before a gun.

If they are shown to be mentally unfit, or have given up their rights based on having a criminal record, “the punishment of that is giving up their Second Amendment rights,” she said.

She also said the NRA opposes raising ages for gun purchases to 21, as there are people who are 18 who are being punished.

“You’re punishing people like I was 20-years-old, living on my own,” she said. “You’re punishing the 19-year-old deer hunter, looking forward to deer season. Those are people you’re punishing. Absolutely, it is possible to respect due process and make sure that our No. 1 priority, our kids are protected.”

Teachers could be armed to protect children.

Trump is not calling for all teachers to be armed, she said, but for teachers to volunteer to be armed, and to undergo extensive training if they are.

“He is talking about also infrastructure things, making sure, simple things, reinforcing windows, having bullet-proof glass, making sure you have really good security checkpoints at all entrances and exits,” said Loesch.

“These are some things that the president has discussed before. Instead of seeing headlines, exploring that further, I’ve seen people mocking him because he is going and discussing teachers who want to voluntarily arm themselves.”

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