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Ahead of the state’s primary Tuesday, a New Hampshire newspaper on Sunday endorsed former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, touting her as a “fireball from the heavens.”

“If you can select a Republican ballot on Tuesday, we urge you to select Nikki Haley as your next president,” an editorial from New Hampshire’s Union Leader read. “… America is ready for a change. The world is ready for a change. We want a better option than we have had for the past eight years, and Nikki Haley is that option.

“The dinosaurs from the last two administrations have indeed had their shot and Nikki Haley is the fireball from the heavens to wipe them out,” the paper added.

According to The Hill, the paper endorsed former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for the 2016 Republican primary but later retracted the endorsement after Christie resigned from the campaign trail.

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