Morris to Newsmax: Trump Should ‘Go After’ China in Campaign

Author and adviser to former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump Dick Morris told Newsmax Saturday that Trump’s 2024 campaign should target China for its alleged ties to President Joe Biden and its culpability in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think the big thing Trump should be doing — and that I have been advising him to do — is to go after China,” Morris said during “Saturday Report.” “[Ask] why did Biden sit back and let China escape any culpability in the investigation [of COVID-19] or [impose] any sanctions for releasing this virus upon the world.”

Morris said China did not release the genetic information it had on the virus, which could have helped get a vaccine sooner, and did not let international inspectors in to see if the virus came from the lab in Wuhan.

“The United States should impose sanctions on China and get other countries in the world to do that to punish them,” he said.

Morris said the Biden administration has not done anything about these issues because it has been “paid off” with the business deals orchestrated by Hunter Biden and his father.

“I think that we have to take the whole Biden scandal, all of the stuff coming out about Hunter and Joe getting payoffs from China, and correlate it with the policies the administration has followed with China,” he said. “So we not only know what Biden got, but what China got in this quid pro quo.”

He also said China has not faced any repercussions for being the supplier for the deadly drug fentanyl that has killed tens of thousands of Americans or for building military bases in Cuba.

“We have that they have let China continue to be the sole source supplier of fentanyl in the world without any sanctions or any consequence,” he said. “We look at the fact that they’re permitting China to build a military base in Cuba without any reaction other than verbal condemnation from the United States.”

He said that focusing on the alleged corruption with China would move the general election in Trump’s favor.

“I think that when people see the consequences of this bribery, the consequences of these payoffs, that that will change the whole thing from a civic government, good government exercise of probing corruption to one where we really have to understand that China bought and paid for Joe Biden.”


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