Lt. Colonel Fears War As Trump Takes Office.

Lt. Colonel Fears War As Trump Takes Office.

War, Nuclear War, IranWe’ve know for a long while Obama is bad for the country. He’s bailed out banks with taxpayer money. He’s tried to push through illegal immigrant reform with the DREAM act. He gave us the nightmare of Obamacare. And Obama’s war on terror has been a failure.

Now he’s gone and done something that is so dangerous for the country, it could his worst legacy in his eight years.

Obama seems to be in the mindset of ‘Full Steam Ahead’. He’s trying to draw us into war with Iran right as he’s leaving office.

Not only is it bad for the country to be stoking fires as he’s leaving office, he’s putting Donald Trump into a situation that leaves little room for negotiation.

Obama has already proven he doesn’t know how to deal with Iran. When he and John Kerry stepped up to the plate to work on the nuclear deal, Iran walked all over us. This included:

    • $150 Billion going back into the Iranian economy (which will eventually fund terror).
    • The ability to stockpile a lower grade of uranium, which can be just converted into stronger uranium and used in bombs against us.
    • Iran can refuse to have some of their facilities inspected–Hard to hold people accountable when you can’t see anything.

Obama’s War Strategies Are Failing

So now Obama is trying to undermine the very thing that was working. He wants to loosen sanctions against Iran and allow more businesses to get contracts there. Not only will more money flow into Iran’s regime, but they’ll scoff at us when Donald Trump wants to enforce them.

If Trump doesn’t have leverage with soft options, he’ll have no choice but to take a hard line with Iran which means war and our best and brightest dying.

You’ve got to watch this video to see how an ex-military lieutenant colonel sees this playing out:

Iran Threatens Action If U.S. Extends Sanctions – Lt Col Ralph Peters

If Iran develops has money coming into the economy, they can put that towards research for nukes. And Iran is ruled by a leader who has an ultimate goal: “Destroy the Great Satan” (America).

Political hacks like John Kerry don’t get this. They think if they use democracy well enough, then everything will be fine. But what we see as progress, Iranians only see as delays. If it takes them a little more time to build up an arsenal, that’s ok for them. They’re going to use them when they get them.

And while Trump said he will build a wall down in Mexico, that will take time. Right now, our border is so porous, you could drive a mac truck through it. Trump knows this and said it’s a priority, but in the time it takes to get it going, Iran could already be sending in sleeper cells to attack us with dirty bombs.

Or Iran could attack us from the air, detonating a nuke in the atmosphere which would have the same effect as an EMP, shutting down the grid. Obama’s known about this weakness for years, but rather than fix it, he chose to golf- 300 times or more. Meanwhile, radical Islamists were spinning uranium down to make bombs.

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