Liberals Use Recent Terror Attack to Push THIS Agenda

Liberals Use Recent Terror Attack to Push THIS Agenda

gun-controlKeep that in mind because that’s how liberal gun-control nuts think.  Every time there is a mass killing the narrative doesn’t change. Are all of these Terror attacks?

It goes like this- There was a shooting, guns were the problem, let’s push for more gun control.

No liberal will ever say “Gee.. there was a shooting… it’s too bad no one had a gun to stop that guy” OR “There was a shooting… was that person a radical Muslim?”

It’s as if their brains just get wired to loop “Guns are bad! Guns are bad! Guns are bad!”

And there’s more.

Liberals don’t wait for the facts when public shootings happen.  Because if you have a “serious crisis” and you can tag “guns are bad” on to it, and get people thinking that, you don’t even have to the facts right.  

For example, there was a shooting on a Ohio campus…. Or that’s what the mainstream media will have you believe.  That’s what they reported off the bat.

And former Vice President contender Tim Kaine jumped right into the fray:


Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said Monday he was saddened by the “senseless act of gun violence” at Ohio State University, even though the attacker used a butcher knife and a car.

Eleven people were injured in a rampage by Somali-born student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who drove into a crowd on a sidewalk and then chased bystanders with a knife in what is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism.  


So right there, we’ve got elements for not wasting this crisis. First, condemn gun violence. Second, get out of ahead of it by hitting the Twittersphere and make the narrative yours.  Even if it’s wrong or incomplete.   

This isn’t an isolated incident.  
When a Muslim shot up a club in Orlando, Hillary Cinton immediately responded with more gun control as the solution.  

When Muslims shot up an office in San Bernadino, Hillary jumped on gun control.

When  Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire  on a military base while screaming Allah Akbar, Obama didn’t acknowledge his radical Muslim roots, but rather condemned guns.   

These attacks did seem to have a common element.  It wasn’t always guns.  But that doesn’t stop Barack Hussein Obama from saying guns were the problem. It didn’t stop Hillary from over reaching and calling for gun control. It didn’t stop Tim Kaine from trying to control the narrative.   

The common theme was radical Islam. But in a crisis, emotions are running hot.  You can immediately use the crisis to push people towards thinking guns are the problem.  And  then you can push for gun control and get people all riled up about that.

Next time, there is a report of a shooting (even if it turns out it is not), watch for liberals to push an agenda.   

How else have you seen Obama and Co use a crisis to further their agendas? Post some more in the comments.   

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