KT McFarland to Newsmax: Israel Could Be Surrounded by Hostiles

Former Deputy National Security Adviser KT McFarland warned on Newsmax that while Israel could defend itself if radical sects of extremists attack the fortressed nation-state from all sides, such support of its military is dependent upon the United States.

Accounting for Hamas in Gaza, McFarland tells “America Right Now” on Saturday, you have “Hezbollah in the north of Israel, they’re more sophisticated, have much better rockets and missiles” and are “long supported by Iran, what if they decide to fight and win a second front on Israel in the north? And then on the east of Israel, on the West Bank of the Jordan River — it’s the east of Israel — there are a number of splinter terrorist groups that might just say, ‘Well, it’s my time to get in.’ So Israel could be surrounded militarily.”

McFarland says Israel is equipped to deal with such threats, but it is dependent on the U.S. for “support” and “intelligence” to do so.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the United States can confirm Egypt warned Israel of the Hamas terrorist attack.

“We’re not quite sure how we missed it. We’re not quite sure how Israel missed it,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said. “We know that Egypt had warned the Israelis three days prior that an event like this could happen. We know that this has been planned, perhaps as long as a year ago.”

Prior to the attack last Saturday, in August, outlines for a deal of a five-for-five prisoner swap were made, as well as the unfreezing of $6 billion in assets. By September, the prisoner swap was made. Around that time, Iran rose to the position of the third-largest crude oil producer in OPEC.

Harken back to a 2007 interview with retired General Wesley Clark with Democracy Now, the general states that there was a “confidential memo” detailing how to take out “seven countries in five years,” chief among them include Syria, which stands apart from Israel by the small strip of the Golan Heights, Iraq which touches Syria, and Iran which borders Iraq. Notably, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has in the past employed Russia’s Wagner group to recapture oil fields from ISIS.


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