Kevin McCarthy: Lawmakers Can Improve Background Checks

Kevin McCarthy: Lawmakers Can Improve Background Checks

Lawmakers can’t legislate everything that has to do with gun laws, but it can work to improve the national background check system, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday.

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“This individual, Mr. [Nikolas] Cruz, never should have had a weapon,” the California Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

There were several failures, including the fact that the local police department was called to Cruz’ home more than 30 times before the fatal shootings in Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14. In addition, the FBI was “literally warned” that Cruz had said he was going to be a school shooter, said McCarthy.

“Then the background check, this is where Congress comes in,” said McCarthy. “A national instant criminal background check, this is something we passed back in December that is sitting over in the Senate.”

Cruz did not have a prior arrest record, despite the number of times law enforcement responded to calls from family and neighbors, but he had been treated for a mental illness condition.

“If you look at this individual and the shooter in Texas as well, there are places that there are holes that we need to make sure we clean up … Congress and senate never even voted on the idea of a bump stock,” said McCarthy. “That’s something that was approved through the ATF. We’ve directed the ATF to revise it, take it back and that should be done.”

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